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The Heartbeat Charm Bracelet allows mothers and grandmothers to keep all of their children and grandchildren close. Each charm has room for a heartbeat or two 11-character lines of text on each side.


Cuffs sizes are 7″, 8.5″, and 9″ (178mm, 216mm, and 229mm) . Charms are available in .75″ x 1″ (19mm x 25mm) Ovals and 1.1″x 1″ (28mm x 25mm) Hearts.


Available in Stainless Steel. Ships within 2 to 4 weeks.


Capture the heartbeat of your new baby and have them created into beautiful heartbeat keepsake jewelry! The heartbeat capture is performed through a brief ultrasound. If you are already coming to us with an ultrasound package, please mention that you have purchased this piece through our website.

*If you are wanting the jewelry but don't have an ultrasound package that you are coming for, or you are not pregnant, there will be a $25 fee to record the heartbeat.

Original Heartbeat Charm Bracelet (Engraved)

PriceFrom $99.00
  • You have two options during checkout for ordering your Heartbeat Jewelry:

    1. Yes! I will email the heartbeat: Please email the heartbeat you would like to use to You will have received this in an email from us after your ultrasound or heartbeat recording appointment.
    2. No! I need to make an appointment: Please book a Heartbeat Recording Session for Custom Jewelry Order ($25) with us in order to get your baby's custom heartbeat reading. You can do this before or after your order by clicking HERE.
  • Since these pieces are customized heartbeats, we do not accept returns.

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