Baby Ultrasound Studio & Boutique

Located in St. Johns, Florida

Growing Love provides the most personalized & unique boutique ultrasound experience with the best & highest technology available (HD Live!)

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Can you bring your family to the appointment? Yes!

You can bring up to 10 adults along with you (plus any accompanying kids)!

Our Services

Our facilities provide access to top-of-the-line technology. We operate with the GE Voluson S8, which provides amazing clarity & definition of your baby inside the womb.

Features include advanced 2D imaging, 3D/4D imaging, and HD & HD LIVE Ultrasound also know as (FRV) fetal realistic view.

We're here to help you see your baby - even during these uncertain times.

Come sit back & relax in our beautiful, spa-like ultrasound room. See your baby in a way you’ve never dreamed possible.

From a yawn, to a smile, to outstretched hands, you'll be able put a face to the name sooner than ever before!


Happy Parents

“We LOVE Growing Love Ultrasound!! Leila is so sweet, so gentle, and so caring. She made all of our experiences there so comfortable and magical. Her office is very calming and relaxing- can not recommend her enough!”


- Kacey P.

About Us

Growing Love Ultrasound Studio & Boutique was created by a mom just like you! Being able to experience and share these precious moments and creating lifetime memories with other families is truly a gift for her!

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Sessions are available by appointment only.

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm

(last appointment starts at 5pm)
Sat & Sun: Closed

Growing Love

75 Durbin Station Court, Suite 303

St Johns, FL 32259